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  • 🐶『100% pure rubber wear-resistant material, healthy chewing』The dog chew stick toothbrush stick toy is made of 100% natural rubber material.Uses food grade rubber,This material is also the latest upgraded natural rubber material.It is more durable and wear-resistant than other similar dog chew toy.
  • 🐶『Improve dog’s teeth and oral health』The crocodile teeth slot design can be put in toothpaste or dog food to allow dogs to clean their teeth while eating, to maintain oral health and reduce the growth of dirty stuff. Dog’s long-term oral health. The professionally designed dog toothbrush is safe and healthy and will not harm the health of pets.
  • 🐶『Novel design,enjoy it』This dog chew toothbrush toy is infused with the milk flavor that dogs and people like, make the dog more excited and fun when chewing. The bottom sounding device can make a sound with a pinch to attract the dog’s attention and interact with the dog to achieve the training effect.Crocodile-shaped dog toy, thickened long edge anti-skid design is enough to resist dog bites and chewing, not easy to crack or be bitten. It has higher quality and longer service life.
  • 🐶『Interactive emotional chewing stick toys』Dog chew toys can not only solve the dog’s dental and oral problems, but also allow the dog to be in a mental state and a stimulating state for a long time, and produce less destructive behavior. Can greatly enhance interpersonal relationships with your pet, reduce anxiety and reduce the time of boredom for both parties.
  • 🐶『Responsible after-sales service, top-level after-sale』If the toy is beyond the normal damage range, we will provide a one-year free replacement service, please feel free to contact us, we will provide you with a satisfactory solution within 24 hours.
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62 reviews for Crocodile Dog Chew Toys

  1. Ian Fabian

    My dog is loving it already! Thanks for the great product.

  2. Alex Ferrari

    So great! I have 2 large breed dogs. I hated trying to brush their teeth.. Doggie dental hygiene has never been easier!

  3. Katy Hung

    My dog took to it after hearing it squeak. Still have yet to see how well it holds up to his chewing as he is over 80lbs and tends to chew through every toy we’ve given him except kongs. Got this one hoping it will help clean his teeth.

  4. Chris Papa

    My dog loves it and he isn’t destroying it like with other toys.

  5. Megan Burbach

    Dog loves it and so far it’s still in one piece, I consider that a win.

  6. Laura C Hernandez

    My German shepherd usually destroys toys that are for aggressive chewers, and I have finally come across one that she has yet to turn into pieces. I am super thrilled to see she’s finally met her match.

  7. Sarah Mertowski

    The dogs love this toy! Very durable

  8. Shannon Tate

    My dog is an tough chewer and this toy gives him a run for his money

  9. Jessica Riddell

    It’s very sturdy and well designed. Doesn’t have an older like some other dog toys for teeth care.

  10. Brandi Parsley

    My dog seems to really like the squeaker. I want to put toothpaste on it to see if that helps with teeth brushing. Haven’t tried it yet though. He’ll like it with peanut butter, if he doesn’t like the toothpaste.

  11. Mathew A Bravo

    I’m happy with how durable it is. Duke usually will destroy a dog toy the same day he gets it but this one has lasted so far.

  12. Sharon Lip

    Just received it yesterday for my adopted Doberman. Don’t know how it will hold up but seems to be very durable.

  13. Sherry Sargent

    My dog definitely loves the toy and I love it because she’s an extremely strong chewer.

  14. Tiffany Culp

    Dog loves it! Great quality, super tough for my aggressive chewer!

  15. Ruth celicourt

    First day with product and my dog loves it! definitely keeping him busy and soothing his gums all together

  16. Kory

    The dog toy has held up to our aggressive chewer the first night and nothing ever does.

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