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  • 🐶『100% pure rubber wear-resistant material, healthy chewing』The dog chew stick toothbrush stick toy is made of 100% natural rubber material.Uses food grade rubber,This material is also the latest upgraded natural rubber material.It is more durable and wear-resistant than other similar dog chew toy.
  • 🐶『Improve dog’s teeth and oral health』The crocodile teeth slot design can be put in toothpaste or dog food to allow dogs to clean their teeth while eating, to maintain oral health and reduce the growth of dirty stuff. Dog’s long-term oral health. The professionally designed dog toothbrush is safe and healthy and will not harm the health of pets.
  • 🐶『Novel design,enjoy it』This dog chew toothbrush toy is infused with the milk flavor that dogs and people like, make the dog more excited and fun when chewing. The bottom sounding device can make a sound with a pinch to attract the dog’s attention and interact with the dog to achieve the training effect.Crocodile-shaped dog toy, thickened long edge anti-skid design is enough to resist dog bites and chewing, not easy to crack or be bitten. It has higher quality and longer service life.
  • 🐶『Interactive emotional chewing stick toys』Dog chew toys can not only solve the dog’s dental and oral problems, but also allow the dog to be in a mental state and a stimulating state for a long time, and produce less destructive behavior. Can greatly enhance interpersonal relationships with your pet, reduce anxiety and reduce the time of boredom for both parties.
  • 🐶『Responsible after-sales service, top-level after-sale』If the toy is beyond the normal damage range, we will provide a one-year free replacement service, please feel free to contact us, we will provide you with a satisfactory solution within 24 hours.
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44 reviews for Crocodile Dog Chew Toys

  1. Michael Mok

    Item seems to be playful and comes with a cleaning brush; haven’t used it yet.

  2. Camilo Rincón

    Great product, my dog love it.

  3. Deborah Portillo

    I like the size and the durability of the product. My dog seems to enjoy the toy very well. Thank you!

  4. Jessica Hickman

    Took out of package and our dog loved it right from the start and has been playing with it non stop.

  5. Rhonda Krone

    Perfect for peanut butter or treats to stuff in and keep my puppy busy for awhile. It’s a great treat! Very strong, he hasn’t tore it apart.

  6. Marco Janko

    The toy was dissasembled by my dog in the first hour of chewing … He almost ate small plastic pieces from it, not safe for unsupervised play, and it lasts very short time

  7. Jonathan Aguillon

    It works great for my dog biting stage!!

  8. Michael Devers

    Both dogs seem to like them. One dog is a destructive chewer, so hopefully this toy will last longer than 5 minutes like all her others

  9. Steve Dombrowski

    nice and tough hoped it will squeak. she seems to like it


    Does what it’s supposed to, great for aggressive chewers

  11. Gwendolyn Colsby

    Just received product still trying it out

  12. Andres Camilo Sierra

    Our cocker spaniel loves the chewy toy, right out of the box. He won’t let go of it!

  13. Jun he

    Dog seems to enjoy playing with it, and hopefully adding toothpaste helps clean his teeth. Seems durable so far.

  14. Ryan Makinson

    The toy holds up well with my Pit Bull, and its great at helping to keep her mouth clean!

  15. L. Banister

    Easiest way to keep our dog’d teeth clean and healthy

  16. Gregory Currier

    It’s indestructible. My dog is a very heavy chewer. Hasn’t made a dent in this thing.

  17. Victor Alvarez

    My dog live it especially when we fill it with coconut oil. Helps maintain his teeth clean.

  18. Melissa Paddock

    Great product. My puppy likes it and is a great way to keep her teeth clean.

  19. Jayne Lemli

    I like that its sturdy and that it squeaks. Nice cleaning brush with it too.

  20. Matt Bussing

    It is tough, which is nice. She isn’t as curious about it as her flavored bones.

  21. Jennifer Cross

    We love this product. Out dog chews everything but loves this toy now.

  22. Gary O’Connor

    The product had quickly become our dogs favorite!

  23. Lisa Oxley

    Sturdy enough for my heavy chewer. My dog likes the squeaky sound it makes. But it is so hard, it doesn’t squeak very easily. Haven’t tried the toothpaste in it yet. That wasn’t my main reason for getting it.

  24. Michelle Hubbard

    My dog likes the toy and it helps clean his teeth.

  25. Soanna Celeste

    We haven’t had it for long, but our Aussie loves it to death so far

  26. Brenda Matthews

    Elloree loves her chew toy. She’s a big girl and loves attention and affection from her family.

  27. Mack

    The toy is wonderful. My dog loves it and he is a chewer of toys and it fits his standard. Thank you.

  28. Caitlin Clendenin

    Great design. I’m looking forward to seeing how it cleans my dogs teeth.

  29. Francisco Perez

    Very nice to toy I got it for my dog because he likes to chew on things and this is very durable well worth the money this keeps him busy from not chewing on things that he supposed be chewing on is the very durable toy and it’s great for dogs that like to chew a lot there’s also clean their teeth to

  30. Leanne Uzelac

    The toy works well to clean my dogs teeth!

  31. Julie Marie Smith

    My dog loves this toy and her teeth look great! I hope it lasts, because she loves to chew. I chose this one because of the lifetime warrantee. She likes the squeaker and we like that it is not squeaking all the time, she has to work at it.

  32. Breonte Clark

    I love this toy. My dog is obsessed with squeaky toys and with that, he is getting the benefit of having his teeth cleaned while he chews. Buy this!

  33. Burnis Tim Cooper

    With in a hour, my dog literally tore chunks out of it.

  34. Marti Parrish

    My dog loves this chew toy. I love it because I can put her toothpaste in it and it cleans her teeth way better than I can do it by myself. Wonderful idea! My dog loves it as a fun toy to chew on.

  35. Audrey Lawrence

    My dog loves this toy, and it’s the first one we’ve been able to give her that hasn’t fallen apart or been chewed apart two seconds after she got it! This is a great toy for aggressive chewers! Thank you so much!

  36. Lexie Knechtel

    The toy is very hard to squeak. My dog has been quite the chewer lately and it has held up and kept her attention. Her new favorite toy.

  37. Dawn Freeman

    8 month old aggressive chewers puppy seems to like it and it has held up

  38. Lauren Mcphail

    My dog is a super chewer and broke this within 10 minutes. Lasts longer than moat

  39. Kier Christian

    Awesome toy for super chewers! My dog destroys toys in a matter of minutes but not this one. Durable material & fun design.

  40. Nadine Kuriakose

    Bought this mostly to help clean his teeth but it does not seem to do much in terms of cleaning. However he loves the toy and it is very durable even for an aggressive chewer.

  41. Heidi Goethert

    Supposed to be for aggressive chewers. My dog took the end off of it within 2 hours of having it.

  42. Christopher M. Yuhas

    Very durable chew toy. My pup loves it and doesn’t seem like she’ll destroy it anytime soon.

  43. Carmen Bowden

    Seems sturdy and i really like the lifetime warranty

  44. Jennifer DiGuglielmo

    My 7 month old pup that is very rough on toys loves this one so far. I will be happy if it lasts a week without getting destroyed.

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