KALUSI Mini Food Processor

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  • 🧄【Chop! Chop!】KALUSI mini food processor works on fruits, vegetables, nuts, meat etc. Make sure the food is cut in small pieces and the hard skin is removed.
  • 🍌【Great Quality】37W super motor and a upgraded battery with larger capacity. 304 stainless steel sharp blades. BPA-free, lighter, more sturdy material.
  • 🥩【Easy Clean】Waterproof design. Seal the charging port well, then you can wash the whole chopper without caring the water goes in.
  • 🧅【Compact design】3 parts to install: 1 lid, 1 blade set and 1 bowl. Volume: 1/1.4Cup (250/350ml). Weight: 0.89lb (404g). Size: 3.8*3.8*4.5in.
  • 🥑【Safe】Stops automatically after 30s of working for protecting the motor and battery. Rechargeable: use the USB cable to charge, no need to stay beside the power source any more.
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23 reviews for KALUSI Mini Food Processor

  1. Cathy Zhang

    It’s a mini kitchenaid food processor. It’s my surprising finding! I use it for baby food and it’s great for small portion. The kitchenaid food processor is a 5 cup one and it can’t get the job as great as this product. Best use: baby food!

  2. Minerva Maya

    As soon as I received this mini chopper I used it. I absolutely love it. It’s convenient, I can move around my kitchen without unplugging and plugging. And it does a very good job

  3. Avinash Parab

    Sleek design, waterproof, functional and easy

  4. Meghan Stubbers

    Excited to try it. It is very good quality

  5. Grace Bucci

    Love that it is cordless. Perfect for chopping

  6. Pramit Sinha

    Very useful mini chopper. Handy and could be carried anywhere. Good quality!!! Works great for garlic chopping. Good design. Glad we found this product

  7. Mo Cain

    Live this little chopper I use almost every day
    So easy to use and super cute

  8. Jacob Redone

    Very useful. I use every time in kitchen. But battery is not very good and blades are a bit bent.

  9. Loretta Keeley

    Great little chopper! Way better than my last one! Can’t wait to use on lots of stuff

  10. Uyen nguyen

    Super convenient and cute! I wish I got the blue one (i love blue ..haha). But still love this fancy looking white. So easy to charge it by cable. No worry for different electrict volt difference. Also you can charge it full then bring it with you for any picnic party, camping.
    Thank you for this nice products

  11. Jodi buchi

    Good product. Perfect size for my cooking needs

  12. Juanita cortes

    I really love this product has I have arthritis which makes it easier for me to cut my onions peppers and garlic is a very powerful little machine

  13. courtney

    this product works very well. i am very satisfied with the quality and price and functionality of this product.

  14. Pallavi Vallabha

    Useful gadget. Small and cute.

  15. Kim McLaren

    Love how easy it is to charge. The size is great as my counter space is limited. It makes quick work of onions and garlic.

  16. Ehtasham

    First impression product looks great

  17. Saniya Bukhari

    It’s a great product. I would definitely buy again. Strongly Recommended.

  18. Jamie Moore

    It’s great and cute design too

  19. Harshank Amin

    Great portable blender on the go. Lasts for quite a long time as well!

  20. Helen Su

    I like the product capacity has 350 mL which is large enough room for the amount of food I want to chop. I also like it contains a cleaning brush which is necessary for me to clean the blades without hurting my hands. It features with red light which indicates the condition of charging and if the product is working or not.

  21. Sharon Brown

    unique, compact and no electricity

  22. Pardis Bakhtiari

    This product is little and so practical. Its easy to use and clean. I use it for chopping walnut, onion, carrot and so on.

  23. Jennifer Morettini

    I love it’s sleek design and that it’s powered vs pushing with your arm and had to chop it up. Great price as well!

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