Heiyo 703G Surface Pen


  • [WIDE COMPATIBILITY] The heiyo surface pen is designed for Windows Ink and can support tablet devices such as Microsoft Surface pro3/pro4/pro5(2017)/pro6 and Microsoft Surface Laptop2~3/Book series/GO/studio.
  • [HIGH SENSITIVITY & HIGH PRECISION] The dedicated pen for Heiyo Surface has a high sensitivity of 4096 levels through the tests of a specialized team. It has a high pressure sensitivity that responds sharply even with a delicate touch, and can draw a thin line when the pressure is weak and a thick line when the pressure is strong. The response is fast and with pixel-level precision, there is no delay or disconnection.
  • [REPLACEABLE POM PEN TIP] Pull the pen tip using the attached tool and push in the prepared pen tips (4 pieces) to complete the exchange. The 1.5mm nib made of POM plastic lasts a long time, and you have to draw it up to 20km in length to polish it. Provides a smooth writing experience with quick reaction.
  • [CONVENIENT FUNCTION] Not only palm rejection function but also right click and eraser function. You can operate with the corresponding functions while pressing the button of the stylus pen, and let’s improve the efficiency further.
  • [REPLACEABLE BATTERY] A single AAAA (AA) dry cell battery can support 500 hours of continuous use and 360 days of standby as a power supply. When the battery is exhausted, it can be used again simply by replacing the battery. Therefore, there is no need to wait for charging, and the power is fully open at all times.
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Supports palm rejection function of surface

Go right ahead and rest your palm on the screen while you write. The Stylus Pen supports palm rejection to let you enjoy natural hand placement while using it, you don’t have to wear gloves as well as worry about leaving dashed lines.


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